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mobile phone app driving test cancellation
mobile phone app driving test cancellation

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mobile phone app driving test cancellation


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Google Play User: review

Very good It's best app ever ”

- Haji Konji

Google Play User: review

Perfect! Really great app, exactly what I needed. Had to uninstall and reinstall it for it to work, and the 1 click service doesn't seem to work however ”

- Emily Kvothe

Google Play User: review

Excellent Perfect app, I installed it today, there was a 3 month waiting list for Cambridge. But thanks to this app I have a test booked next week. Just a warning, the .gov website charges £13 to change a booking date”

- Ryan Cooper

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some answers to common questions

My personal account is disabled. Why?

Answer: If your account has been disabled, you will see a disabled message on a dashboard page.
Common reasons accounts are disabled:

  • The time and date for a booking has passed
  • Subscription expired
  • Use of fake driving licence or theory test number
If you think, that your account was disabled by mistake, please contact us .

Refund policy

You can request a refund by contacting our manager directly support@rmmtech.co.uk.

ios: You can get a refund within 14 calendar days of receiving your order .

android: You can get a refund within 30 calendar days after receiving your order.

Rebooking test

Question: I am trying to rebook my test on the app but its saying on my status my account had been disabled. Also it will not let me search.

Answer: In order to use the app you should have a valid driving test. If the date and time of the test has passed you won't be able to search for dates. If you have a valid test, please delete the current account (Settings> Delete Account) and sigin in with a new theory test number/application number.

Subscription Expired

Question: Will my subscription still work if it has expired?

Answer: Expired subscriptions will not receive notifications and the user will be disabled within 7 days

How does the service work?

Answer: Our cloud-based monitoring service is constantly checking DVSA web site for cancellations from 06:00 till 23:40. If it finds one, you will receive an email and push notification with the dates and times on your mobile phone.

Do I need to have a test booked before using the service?

Answer: You need to book your Driving test for whatever date is available by going to the Official DVSA website http://www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test

How long will it take to find an earlier test date?

Answer: According to our statistic 60% of our customers get an early driving date date within 1-3 days, 90% within 1 week.

Message "Not accepting any registrations"

Question: Why am I getting message saying "we are currently not accepting any registrations, please try again tomorrow?".

Answer: We have a daily quota for new registrations (PRO Trial subscription). Existing users can use the service without any restrictions.

How many times can I change my practical driving test?

Answer: The DVSA allows you to change your practical test up to 6 times, after that you must cancel your test and make a new booking if you need to make more changes. Once you've booked your new test, come back here and start searching with new test details.

Is it possible to cancel my practical test?

Answer: Yes. You can cancel your test on the DVSA website https://www.gov.uk/cancel-practical-driving-test

If you don't pass

Question: When can I rebook/sit my next practical test if I fail?

Answer: If you fail your test you will need to wait 10 working days until you can take your next test. You can book a new test as soon as you want.


* SMS notifications are allowed for the current test centre only

UK Driving Test Cancellation is not an official application. We are not associated or affiliated with the DVSA.


For more info and support, contact us!